Reception1 885x251


B737-300F-00025 280x210


AEF_36 280x210




Angola LND STB BANK 280x210

Angola LND 280x210

Angola LND bus 280x210




Nigeria PB200054 280x210

Angola PB230209 280x210

Nigeria PB250409 280x210




RBK Conference 280x210


Transports 280x210




Container2 280x210

Cont.2 280x210

MeS 280x210




Leveling 280x210

CampMarma 280x210l

Container inside 280x210




Cont-Bau 280x210

Iljuschin 280x210

MeS-02 280x210




MeS-04 210x280

Sandstorm 280x210

Maint. 280x210




Angola Site Visit 2010-03 280x210

Angola Site Visit2010 280x210

Afgh.Home 280x210




Luanda 280x210

Camp 280x210

Turbo 280x210




MeS-03 280x210

Angola Site Visit 2010-02 280x210

Gravel 280x210





Denim Air280x210

CH 53_2 280x210




Container 280x210

Doves MeS 280x210

MeS Bau 280x210




Cement 280x210

Mi17_2 280x210

Jingle truck 280x210




UNO 280x210

Security 280x210

Welder 280x210




Schrott KDZ_280x210

MeS-06 210x280

Bazar 280x210




Lunch 280x210

Ochs 280x210

DA 280x210




Concrete Supply 280x210

Test 280x210

MeS-05 210x280




Nouakchott 280x210

CH sunset 280x210

MosqMeS 280x210




KBL in snow 280x210

Waiting 280x210

angola camp-site 280x210




MeS Birds 280x210

Kabul 280x210

MeS Mosque 280x210







* Clarification regarding use of pictures:
Certain pictures on this website have been taken prior to the formation of OAK TREE.
However, there is a direct correlation between OAK TREE’s management team and experts which have been responsible for the construction work from the beginning to completion.


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