Aviations Consultants since 1997

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Our Aviation Consulting activities were originally launched in 1996 under the name SYNAIRGY as a consulting company for the aviation and tourism industries and has since expanded to include logistics and aviation-focused ppp-projects.

Founded with the goal to combine professional experience, knowledge, innovation and leadership, the company has served its clients as an independent partner in the industry.

It is our goal to make significant contributions to our client’s success and to their advancement within the industry. With professional competence, pragmatism, innovation and the willingness to assume responsibility, we help our client’s to anticipate the developments of the industry and support their race to lead the way into a successful and profitable future.



Our Competence is based on many years of experience in management positions in Aviation, Tourism and Logistics and is in some cases complemented by military leadership expertise. However, those years of experience are only of value when matched by creativity and innovation.

We are independent of any financial or industrial group, which gives us the freedom to adhere to a strict code of professional ethics. Our success is not judged by company size or turnover, but by professionalism, absolute reliability and customer’s satisfaction. Our clients’ requirements and success will always be on our minds.

For us, this means ...
... we will only accept assignments when we are confident of a satisfactory completion,
... we will treat all information received from clients with strict confidentiality,
... we will limit the number of clients to avoid conflict of interest and
... we will employ best practice methods to achieve best solutions and success for our clients

Areas of Competence:

Management Consultation

  • Strategy and Concept Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Change Management / Re-engineering
  • Realisation of “low-cost” structures
  • Route studies & Route development

Legal Support & Consultation

  • Aviation Law and Labour Law
  • Government relations
  • Trafficrights and clearences

Benchmarking & Procurement 

  • Aviation
  • Ground Service Equipment (GSE)

Promotion & Communication

  • Ideas and Concepts
  • Applications

Brokerage: Aircraft & GSE

  • Aircaft Brokerage
  • GSE

Airline Start-ups

  • Everything, starting from ZERO or building on your business idea

Operational Services

  • Airline Operations management
  • Air Cargo Handling & Logistics
  • Ground Handling & Airport Services
  • Aviation Fuel Supply & Procurement Strategies

Specialized aviation IT-solutions

  • Cockpit Management
  • Flight Planning & Calculations
  • Airport Slot Coordination & Managemen

Human Resources

  • Management & Solutions, Interim Management
  • Executive Search (Aviation, Travel, Logistics)

Security & Safety

  • Travel Security & Travel Safety issues
  • Aviation Safety and Security